Steady Feddy is a rap artist from Washington Heights – a neighborhood located in upper Manhattan. Born in the Dominican Republic, he and his parents frequented New York City until they decided to move permanently to the States when he was 8. Washington Heights is a predominantly Spanish-speaking neighborhood heavily populated by Dominicans. Like many kids growing up in New York, Steady Feddy instantly fell in love with the game of basketball – playing in numerous street tournaments as well as his high school team.



Basketball heavily influenced Steady Feddy’s perspective on life. His versatility and work ethic on the court easily translated into his music. After becoming ineligible Steady Feddy began to pursuit music as a means to provide for him and his family. His visual and metaphorical lyrics are influenced by the crime ridden streets of his neighborhood. His music provides REAL and RAW insights to the streets – which he displays in first mixtape Confessions Of A Hustla.



Steady Feddy’s previous project The Last Plug EP dropped Sept 29th. The EP includes producers such as Sonaro, Pour It Up Sip, 30 Rock and much more. Hip Hop enthusiasts can expect big things coming from Steady Feddy in 2016. Steady Feddy’s next mixtape The Return Of The Plug will be dropping January 28th followed by a much anticipated EP dropping late March 2016.

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